Yikes! Man captures 6-inch spider at work

ELKHART, Ind. – It’s something no one wants to come across: a six-inch spider.

An employee at Godfrey Marine encountered it while building a boat at work. Jacob Collins, who shared photos of the spider on Facebook, didn’t know what to think at first.

He later found out it was a fishing spider—something the Indiana Department of Natural Resources said is relatively harmless despite its terrifying look. The spider’s three-inch leg span allows it to walk on water. It's often mistaken for a wolf spider, one of the most common large spiders found in Indiana.

Collins and his co-workers caught the fishing spider and snapped a few photos of the impressive specimen. They then released it back into the wild.

"They found this giant beast on a boat at work today," Collins wrote in his post. "Beware all Elkhart residents. They are out there and they are real."

As of Thursday morning, his Facebook post about the spider had more than 8,100 shares and hundreds of comments.