Meet Harlow! #WhyNotMePets

A cat named Harlow is ready to find a family.

She's already raised four kittens, so now it's time for someone to give Harlow all the attention.

Harlow is a year and a half old and you can meet her at the Seattle Area Feline Rescue.

People at the shelter say she thinks of herself like a giant kitten because she's very playful and very active.

Harlow is looking for a family to play with her and so she can workout out all of her energy.  She also likes to play with toys.

Right now, Harlow is on a single protein diet, so she might need special food.  Harlow is also spayed.

The shelter isn't sure if Harlow has lived with dogs before and she doesn't seem bothered by the other cats around her.

If you would like to adopt Harlow, you can visit the Seattle Area Feline Rescue or email them at