The most sought after compost is up for grabs during Woodland Park Zoo's 'Fecal Fest'

Get your hands on the most desired compost in Seattle from Woodland Park Zoo. Fecal Fest is the annual event that invites local gardeners to enter a bid to purchase the exotic, highly-coveted Zoo Doo.

This year’s Zoo Doo is composed of feces by a variety of the zoo’s non-primate herbivores. Compost made from hippos, giraffes, mountain goats, tapirs and more, is used to grow perfect veggies and annuals.

Year-round you can purchase Zoo Doo in 2-gallon containers and 1-pint containers at the online ZooStore. Bulk amounts are available twice a year during Fecal Fest. Due to its popularity and limited quantities, the zoo has created a lottery system which can be entered online. For complete details, call 206.625.POOP (7667) for lottery information.