12s going wild for Seahawks chances in Wild Card game

Nobody can talk about the Seahawks without talking about the 12s. Fanatical fandom is found across our region, including those among the Kirkland Sea Hawkers booster club.

"Oh that looks good you guys, look at that," said Terri Fletcher.

Fletcher is a booster who spent blue Friday decorating a Kirkland icon to celebrate the team’s progress.

"We’ve missed an entire season with not being able to be together," she said.

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Now that most people are wearing masks, she joined other boosters to dress Kirkland’s Cow and Coyote statue in the city’s downtown core. The ballerina bovine sports a green tutu, add a hat was added to the howling coyote.

It’s one example that reveals Western Washington’s shared love for their team. Fans are betting on a win and each other to get through a long year.

"We’re like family," said Pat Anderson.