Katie's Q13 Weather School visits Northshore Christian Academy

EVERETT, Wash -- Meteorologist Katie Boer made the drive up to Everett to talk to Mrs. Wornick's Kindergarten class at Northshore Christian Academy Thursday.

Boer brought all kinds of hands on science experiments to bring weather to life. She spoke to the class about seasons and the relationship between the sun and the earth -- including how many football fields could fit between the sun and the earth.

Boer talked about thunderstorms and why you clear the sound of a clap of thunder and even made "rain" using shaving cream and color dye.

One of the favorite topics is always dangerous weather--like tornadoes and Boer showed them how to make a "tornado tube" out of plastic liter bottles.

She also brought in one of the Q13 FOX studio lights and a microphone—and told them what would happen if you wear green in front of a green screen.