15-year-old girl in critical condition after tree falls, smashes into her Port Orchard home

PORT ORCHARD, Wash. -- A 15-year-old Port Orchard girl is in critical condition after the damaging windstorm knocked down a tree into her bedroom while she was home Monday afternoon.

The girl was taken to Tacoma General Hospital after being pinned down underneath the tree while her father and brother helped pull her out.

Kitsap Fire says strong winds caused the tree to fall into the home on the backside of the family's mobile home in Port Orchard.

Neighbors helped late Monday night after the winds died down to clear the debris littering the front yard and back of the home.

"It was knocking out the power all day, heavy rains, heavy wind, leaves blowing everywhere," said Kyrsten Blair, the next door neighbor who says the winds were especially strong in Port Orchard.

Blair says the family moved into the home about two years ago and are well-liked by the community.

"It’s definitely not good, my heart’s with the family, they’re going to need a lot of love," said Blair.

The father of the teen is the pastor at Victory Chapel Church, less than a mile away from the home.

Blair says the family is a big part of the community, always helping others.

"It hurts to see such a great family be affected by something so dramatic," said Blair.

Neighbors say the tree knocked down power lines, but the teen's father and brother jumped in, even in dangerous conditions, to unpin her from beneath the tree. Blair says the hillside behind their homes is very steep and just last week she cleared branches. She says now that the tree fell, she'll be doing more clearing to keep her home safe.

"Now I’m a little bit more wary," said Blair.

Neighbors say the teenager is one of five kids, a track runner at school and a sweet girl who will have their prayers.