8 Seattle traffic camera will automatically ticket drivers who illegally use bus lanes, block crosswalks

Photo credit: SDOT

Authorities are turning on eight new traffic cameras that will take photos of cars that are illegally driving in the bus lanes or blocking crosswalks and intersections. After one warning, violators will be issued a $75 fine.

The locations are in downtown Seattle, South Lake Union, Belltown, Pioneer Square and State Route 99, according to the Seattle Department of Transportation and Seattle Police Department.

Photo credit: SDOT

City officials said the locations were picked based on their history of problematic and ongoing violations of drivers blocking the intersections or in the transit lanes.

The cameras were activated March 1 and will be turned on gradually over several weeks. This will help test the system in each location and give the public time to adjust.

First-time violators who are caught will receive a warning letter in the mail and for any violations after the first will be mailed a $75 ticket.


'Don't Block the Box': New traffic cameras aim to fix congestion in downtown Seattle

Seattle Department of Transportation is cracking down on drivers blocking crosswalks and driving in bus lanes around downtown Seattle.

According to the city, the locations have clear signs and pavement markings, with white lines indicating where the intersection "box" begins, and road markings indicating lanes which are restricted to buses only.

The city said the cameras will help improve public safety, reduce congestion, keep drivers moving and increase mobility for people with disabilities.

Activated camera locations:

  • Aurora Ave N at Galer St (Transit Lane)
  • 3rd Ave and Stewart St (Transit Lane)
  • 5th Ave at Olive Way (Transit Lane)*
  • 3rd Ave at James St (Transit Lane)
  • 1st Ave at Columbia St (Transit Lane)

Planned camera locations:

  • 4th Ave at Battery St (Crosswalk and Intersection Blocking) (set to activate on April 6, 2022)
  • 4th Ave at Jackson St (Crosswalk and Intersection Blocking)
  • Westlake Ave N at Valley St/Roy St (Crosswalk and Intersection Blocking)
  • 5th Ave at Olive Way (Crosswalk and Intersection Blocking)*'

* 5th Ave at Olive Way will have both kinds of cameras, activated on separate dates.

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