Airbnb blocking Seattle reservations for Memorial Day and 4th of July to prevent parties

Airbnb is blocking single-night reservations during major spring and summer holidays in Seattle and throughout the United States in order prevent unauthorized parties.

On Wednesday, the Airbnb Newsroom announced that they are placing a block on booking single-night stays at entire home listings in Seattle during both Memorial Day weekend and Fourth of July weekend. Airbnb travelers without a history of positive reviews will be impacted by the company’s plan. According to Airbnb, this strategy is to emphasize safe and responsible travel, and to complement their other party prevention systems and party bans. 

While this new plan is geared toward cities across the nation, Seattle was specifically highlighted in the announcement. Last year, Airbnb initiated a similar regulation on Fourth of July weekend. In Seattle, more than 800 people were deterred from booking home listings in 2021. Airbnb says that implementing this strategy helped the company achieve their objective of reducing disruptive parties.

This is the first time Airbnb will be rolling out this defense for Memorial Day weekend. You can read more on this plan here


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