Allen Ivanov pleads not guilty to killing 3 teens, wounding a fourth at Mukilteo party

EVERETT, Wash. -- The quiet of the courtroom was interrupted by the sound of anguish when accused killer Allen Ivanov faced a judge on Monday.

Ivanov, 19, pleaded not guilty to all charges, as the families of the teenage victims sat just three seats behind him.

Police say Ivanov confessed to plotting the mass shooting for days, fueled by jealous rage after his ex-girlfriend Anna Bui refused to get back with him. Police say Ivanov hid behind a bush outside a Mukilteo house party attended by his ex-girlfriend for two hours, spying on party-goers, before he opened fire.

Detectives say Ivanov shot and killed 19-year-old Jake Long first, after Jake stumbled upon Ivanov hiding.

Then, police say, Ivanov stormed the house, killing Jordan Ebner and Anna Bui, both 19.  Will Kramer, an 18-year-old who was also shot during the rampage, survived his wounds.

A prosecutor sought a no-contact order between the defendant and Kramer as well as family members of the other victims.

Kramer’s dad was one of the parents who showed up to court, listening in as 5 counts of charges were read out loud.

The prosecution could decide to seek the death penalty. The defense has until December to provide any mitigating circumstances to persuade the prosecution not to seek the death penalty.

Detectives say Ivanov started getting jealous after seeing images of Anna and Kramer on social media. Detectives say Ivanov texted two of his friends prior the shootings about going through with the killings.

One text message read

"I hate Anna I need revenge."

"I’m two minutes from shooting."

But those friends never warned police,

Now three young lives are gone and the pain is indescribable.

Jake Long`s mom, Autumn Snider, wrote on her Facebook page: “I was supposed to send you back off to college, not have your funeral. I miss you so much. The pain is like nothing I can even put into words. It`s all consuming, constant and runs from my head to my toes.”

Snider says she hopes the prosecution will seek the death penalty.

Anna Bui’s father was not in court, telling Q13 News it’s simply too painful to attend, and that he will leave it up to the court to determine Ivanov’s punishment.