Bellingham boy battles mysterious virus attacking his brain; devastated parents plead for help

SEATTLE-- A 6-year-old child from Bellingham is battling a mystery virus at Seattle Children’s Hospital.

Daniel Ramirez’s family said doctors don’t know what it is, but it is attacking his brain. His parents say if they don’t find an answer soon, he will die.

Marijo De Guzman and Jose Ramirez say it’s hard enough to have a sick child, but not knowing what is causing him so much pain only makes it worse. It’s why they’re sharing their pain in hopes someone might know what is killing their little boy.

Remembering happier days with their 6-year old brings them so much joy. But they say finding joy has been hard since October 15, when little Daniel was rushed to Seattle Children’s Hospital after contracting a virus that first appeared as a stomachache.

“His brain is swelling and he started to have seizures,” said Jose Ramirez.

As each day passes, the family says Daniel’s condition has only gotten worse. What’s more frustrating is that doctors don’t seem to know what the virus is that went from his stomach and is now attacking his brain.

“He was fine and just like that he’s fighting for his life,” said Jose Ramirez.

Feeling helpless, they are now turning to the public for answers.

“I wish I could take his pain away,” said Marijo De Guzman. “If I could switch places with him right now, I would.”

While they can’t trade places with their son, they’re trying to find help anywhere they can.

“I hope that someone watching this will help save my son, so I can hear his voice again,” said De Guzman.

Symptoms they saw included drooling, slurring of speech and a pain in his leg. They say he then had incontinence and that’s what sent them to the hospital. A team of doctors is on their side, from neurologists to those specializing in infectious disease.

They're asking peopleto  contact them through a Facebook page that has been set up for Daniel.