Seattle's ‘Belltown Hellcat’ faces stalking, assault charges amid reckless driving

Miles Hudson, infamously known as the "Belltown Hellcat," continues to draw attention and controversy in the Seattle area. Amid facing multiple reckless driving charges and exploiting loopholes in Washington's new street racing law, Hudson appeared in Renton Municipal Court Monday on an assault allegation.

During the hearing, Hudson — who joined via Zoom — initially caused a stir by playing explicit music and needing multiple prompts to turn on his camera and turn off his loud music. At the hearing, his attorney revealed that a mental health evaluation, ordered by the court in May, was only completed two days before the hearing, and thus not available in the court system. The court has given Hudson until August 5 to provide the evaluation, warning that failure to comply could result in home monitoring.

Court documents obtained by FOX 13 Seattle on Wednesday show Hudson struggles with anger issues and respecting women. In the docs, Hudson previously pled guilty to fourth-degree assault against his mom, the same person who wrote a letter to the city of Seattle about his nuisance Dodge Charger. 

According to court records, the first incident with Hudson's mom happened in December 2021. Police reports say Hudson "got mad that his mom didn't pick him up fast enough," so he destroyed furniture in the house. Another incident, in April 2022, reports that Hudson slammed his mom to the ground while she was sitting in a chair because she wouldn't make him coffee. 

Now, years later, the courts are still trying to get Hudson to comply.

But those aren't the only allegations Hudson is facing. Court documents filed with King County Superior Court show allegations of stalking were filed against Hudson in May. 

The stalking allegations against Hudson, 21, were filed by a 23-year-old Seattle woman. The woman, who works across the street from Hudson’s residence, had obtained a temporary protection order against him on May 22, for "fears for her safety." She says Hudson followed her home in late April and then tried to shame her with revenge porn in early May.

The petition for the protection order details allegations of stalking and harassment. The victim requested Hudson to stay 1,000 feet away from her, her workplace and her residence. The court's temporary protection order also prohibits Hudson from contacting or harassing the victim and mandates the removal of any intimate images he may have distributed.

Meanwhile, Hudson's reckless driving escapades continue to capture social media attention. In recent videos, his nearly $100,000 Dodge Charger is seen performing stunts like donuts and burnouts in various Seattle neighborhoods. One video shows Hudson and a group of masked individuals using the Westfield Southcenter Mall parking lot as a playground for their antics, armed with gel ball blasters.

Despite legal actions and penalties amounting to over $80,000, Hudson remains at large, exploiting a loophole by claiming he is not the driver in the videos. Seattle City Attorney Ann Davison is pushing for a default judgment against Hudson, seeking to hold him accountable for his actions and the city's resources spent addressing his behavior.

Washington's new street racing laws, enacted in January 2024, aim to curb such activities by expanding the definition to include stunts like drifting and prohibiting racing in off-street facilities. Vehicles involved in street racing can now be impounded under Senate Bill 5606.

The Seattle City Attorney’s Office is exploring additional measures to address Hudson’s ongoing violations. Hudson was due back in court Wednesday for a pre-trial hearing related to the charges filed by the Seattle City Attorney’s office. However, Hudson's defense asked to delay the hearing, which was granted. 

Hudson is expected to appear in Seattle court next week for his more than $80,000 in driving fines, and Seattle officials and residents alike are eager to see if justice will finally catch up with the notorious hell on wheels. 

Editor's note: A previous version of this story cited incorrect information from King County Superior Court. The story has been updated. 


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