Seattle 'Belltown Hellcat' Miles Hudson exploits WA's street racing law loophole

So far, no one can stop the "Belltown Hellcat" from leaving skid marks all over the Seattle area, as new tracks have been left around town over the weekend.

In recent Instagram videos posted within the last 24 hours, 20-year-old Miles Hudson’s nearly $100,000 car is seen doing donuts. 

Local authorities have been trailing Hudson's supped-up spectacle for months, even as court documents obtained by FOX 13 Seattle indicate Hudson faces steep penalties. Yet, despite facing two reckless driving charges, how is Hudson still on the streets and still posting new content in his 2023 Dodge Charger? 

Hudson appears to be exploiting a loophole by claiming he is not the one behind the wheel of his car. And one of his latest videos suggests he’s moving his Hellcat out of Seattle to new neighborhoods.

Hudson’s Instagram shows a group of people using the Westfield Southcenter Mall parking lot as their shooting range, masked and armed with gel ball blasters. According to Hudson’s social media, this video went up over the weekend. By Monday, FOX 13 Seattle found the same location in the video marked with tire tracks and donut marks.

The antics aren’t confined to the parking garage though. Hudson’s post shows the group revving their cars through the shopping center, hanging out of windows and shooting each other with gel balls. Another video posted hours later shows Hudson’s infamous Belltown Hellcat burning its tires and doing donuts in an intersection.

Despite police intervention, violations and a lawsuit with more than $80,000 in penalties from the city of Seattle, not even Hudson’s own mother, who claimed her son doesn’t even have the car, has stopped the 20-year-old alleged menace.

The city's patience has worn thin. Seattle City Attorney Ann Davison took legal action at the end of May, demanding a default judgment against the daredevil driver. Hudson could be on the hook for not only his towering fines but also the taxpayer dollars squandered as a result of his failure to answer the city's pleas.

New street racing laws in Washington, which took effect in January 2024, provide officials with stricter enforcement options for these types of activities. 

Under Senate Bill 5606, the definition expands to stunts like drifting. Off-street facilities like parking lots and garages are also off-limits for racing. Vehicles used for street racing will be subject to impoundment, according to the bill.

When asked if they can seize or even impound Hudson’s car, the Seattle City Attorney’s Office told FOX 13 Seattle on Monday they are looking into what more they can do.


Seattle's patience wearing thin with Miles Hudson, Belltown's Hellcat driver

Local authorities have been trailing the 20-year-old's supped-up spectacle for months.

Meanwhile, Hudson’s Charger from hell keeps on running.

FOX 13 Seattle reached out to Westfield Southcenter Mall and Tukwila police to see if they have video of the antics on the roof, and if they are working with Seattle police, but neither responded at the time of publication. Multiple attempts to contact Miles Hudson for his side of the story were also unanswered.

Hudson has a Seattle court date on June 18, so more updates on this unfolding story are expected.


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