Businesses ready for massive crowds for Taylor Swift concert weekend

Taylor Swift fans are already arriving in Seattle for her concerts Saturday and Sunday. Concert goers are adding to the large crowds of sports fans who are also in the city for the weekend. 

The big question for local businesses, are they ready for the massive crowds this weekend?

Managers at local shops say they had already beefed up staff, but Friday some were calling in even more employees to ask them to work Saturday and Sunday, as they believe it will be even busier than they initially expected. 

It was standing room only at Quality Athletics and Burbs Burgers in Pioneer Square Friday. 

"It’s crazy we had Taylor Swift and the Blue Jays," said Ricky Ramirez, Bar Manager. "I walked out here at 9:00 and there was a huge line for Taylor Swift merch, it was nuts."

Ramirez showed off his Taylor Swift bracelets, made by a regular, in celebration of the concert.   

"It’s a lot more busy than the All-Star Game," said Ramierez.  

At Cone & Steiner in Pioneer Square, an online Taylor Swift Takeover is underway at the bar.

"This would be the Midnights Lemon Lavender Shrub," said Adam Trent, General Manager at Cone and Steiner, who showed us how to make one of the shop's specialty drinks.  

The store has named several signature drinks after the songstress, which are being promoted online.  

"We are seeing a lot more foot traffic today than we expected to see, because of the merch truck that was coming out and parking out in front of the stadium," said Trent. 

He says the city also reached out to businesses, letting them know that cities on Swift's tour have seen massive crowds.    

"I’m right now in the process of getting more staff in for the weekend, because I think it’s going to be an even bigger crowd than we even anticipated initially," said Trent. 

"It’s just so exciting because this is our first concert," said Carly Ardiel, a Taylor Swift fan.  

Ardiel's family traveled from Edmonton Canada to see the concert. On Friday, they were decked out in gear including Era's-themed nails and Swiftie shirts. 

"We get lots of people yelling at us with our outfits on," said Jocelyn Ardiel. 

The family spent the day shopping at local businesses and eating in Seattle-area restaurants.   

"We went to Target yesterday," said Claire Ryton.  

"All the stores we don’t have in Canada," said Anne Ryton. 

"We are trying some new restaurants too," said Claire. 

"It was packed, took us awhile to find a restaurant we could even get into," said Tara Ryton, mom and Taylor Swift fan. 

Trent expects there will be a lot of parents and others waiting outside the concert too – in addition to those who have tickets.  

"We want to make sure that we are a good hang out spot for them too, or a place where they can grab a drink or something while the concert is going on. They can go outside, listen to it out in the parking lot," said Trent.  

Managers like Trent say after a lackluster All-Star Game for many businesses in the International District and Pioneer Square, this weekend is a welcome change.