Cost to get new Washington licenses increase starting Oct. 1

If you need an enhanced Washington state driver's license or ID, you'll have to pay more at the Department of Licensing as fees will increase starting Oct. 1.

On Oct. 1, enhanced state IDs will cost $3 more per-year than they do now-- so a six-year license/ID will cost $18 more, and an eight-year license will cost $24 more. The fee increase also applies to renewals. 

By this time next year, an enhanced/REAL ID will be required to fly domestically, get into federal and military buildings, and cross the U.S. border. 

In addition to the enhanced license/ID fee, a few other increases take effect in October, per the Department of Licensing: 

  • Driver abstract fee: A driver abstract is a summary of a person’s driving record. It is often used by employers or prospective employers, data brokers, volunteer organizations, insurance carriers, alcohol and drug assessment or treatment agencies, or other entities. The cost will increase from $13 to $15 on Oct. 1, 2022, and then to $17 on July 1, 2029.
  • Driver license photo and update-only fee: This covers a replacement license or ID card to correct or update information, such as obtaining a new photo or updating an address. The cost will increase from $10 to $20 starting Oct. 1, 2022.

The fee increase is the result of legislative action to help fund Move Ahead Washington, a nearly $17 billion transportation package signed into law earlier this year. 

In July, drivers also saw an increase of up to $40 for certain services regarding state license plates as a result.