Ghosts caught on camera? Fisherman's photos reveal something mysterious

VIROQUA, Wisc. --  Do you believe in ghosts?

Two buddies do after a recent fishing trip.

Wisconson-native Mike Jacobs and his friend Bill Wobbekind often fish in Western Wisconsin.

During a trip, Jacobs saw a double rainbow that appeared near their lodge, WITI reported. So he grabbed his camera and started snapping photos.

At the time, he didn't notice anything unusual.

But when Jacobs got home from his trip and uploaded the photos to his computer he thought something looked odd.

“I thought I had some kind of smudge or something on the screen. There were these white things on there,” Jacobs said.

But a closer look revealed something mysterious.

“All of a sudden you could see there were two eyes in each one of the images,” he Jacobs.

Jacobs showed the pictures to his friend Bill.

“There were these shapes in them with these eyes.  It was pretty  remarkable and actually almost a little creepy,” says Wobbekind.

So, what do you think? Ghosts?

Source: WITI FOX 6