Haven't mailed your ballot yet? Here's where you can take it before 8 p.m.

PIERCE COUNTY -- The Office of Secretary of State reports that over 28 percent of voters have already turned in their ballots this election and expects a voter turnout of over 60 percent and initiatives are pushing voters to turn in their ballots.

Gun control is the big controversy in Washington state. Two initiatives on the ballot regarding gun control are very different.

Initiative 594 would require background checks on all gun purchases unless it's an antique or a sale between immediate family members.

Initiative 591 would prevent the state legislature from passing any new background checks unless there is a federal standard.

Classroom size is another controversy. Initiative 1351 would limit classroom sizes in public schools. This would keep all classroom sizes below 25 students. Young children would have even smaller classroom sizes that would not exceed 18 students.

Ballots must be turned in or postmarked on November 4th.  Ballots must be signed for them to count.

Here is a list of ballot drop boxes in King County.

In Pierce County

In Snohomish County

In Thurston County