Iconic Shorty's pinball bar hosts last tournament at original location

SEATTLE -- "You couldn't say the words 'Seattle pinball' without saying 'Shorty's' in the same sentence."

Shorty's, a beloved Belltown dive bar and pinball haven, has hosted its last annual pinball tournament at the original location.

After 21 years, Shorty's is moving to a new spot, somewhere down the street from its current Second Avenue address, sometime next year.

"This year is a very special one as finally, at 21 years old, Shorty’s Bar has become of age and is all grown up to play in the Big League!" Shorty's owner Avout van der Werf said ahead of Sunday's tournament.

For Shorty's patrons, it's about more than pinball and the bar's famous hot dogs.

The close-knit community that they've built at Shorty's is something they are confident will follow them to the new location. The building that houses Shorty's is slated for demolition and redevelopment.

"My hope is that the vibe we have here today will move with us to our new spot," van der Werf said. 

Pinball tourneys like the one at Shorty's over the weekend draw pinball lovers from far and wide, from Canada on down the West Coast and beyond.