Inslee authorizes Washington National Guard for added security during Monday's legislative session

Gov. Jay Inslee has authorized up to 750 members of the Washington National Guard to be stationed at the Capitol Campus in Olympia for added security measures for the start of the 2021 legislative session.

Inslee's announcement was made several days after pro-Trump protestors stormed the Capitol Building in Washington, D.C. On the same day, back in Olympia, protestors broke the fence to the governor's mansion and demonstrated on his property.

"In light of the most recent insurrection activity, the state cannot tolerate any actions that could result in harm, mayhem or interruption of function of democratic institutions. Any illegal intrusion of the Capitol, state buildings or restricted areas will not be tolerated and strictly enforced," Inslee said in a statement. 

A large number of Washington State Patrol troopers will be present in addition to regular Capitol Campus security, according to Inslee.

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"There will be acres of areas for people to exercise their First Amendment rights on the Capitol Campus. There will be restricted access in certain areas that are open only to legislators and staff. These areas will be clearly delineated by fencing and security personnel," the statement read.