'It's about sending a message': Protesters pack downtown Seattle to support Mueller investigation

Governor Jay Inslee and other local democrats are protesting the president's decision to push out attorney general jeff sessions. They're worried about it's potential impact on the Mueller investigation.

They were part of a large group of people marching through downtown Seattle on Thursday night.

Elected officials from all levels of government in Washington took the mic, demanding new acting attorney general Matthew Whitaker recuse himself from the Mueller investigation.

But protesters say this march and rally is not about politicians – it’s about the people.

“You can't sit on your sofa and complain about this,” Laura Anne Gilman told Q13 News.

Gilman says she is no stranger to fighting for what she believes in.

She says this issue is not Republican or Democrat -  it’s about doing what is right.

“We need to let all the elected officials know this is not acceptable and we are going to come out and the only way we can do that is come out and be very loud,” she said.

From Cal Anderson Park, thousands marched more than a mile through the streets, chanting, holding signs and demanding change.

They ended at the federal building, where they staged a rally.

Protesters say they feel the support from their community looking around at the thousands who showed.

Evelyn Carlson says she marches because she loves this country and says the change needs to happen in the White House.

“It’s scary to see the President taking these actions, forcing the Attorney General to step down and put in essentially a puppet,” Carlson said.

White House officials say no move has been made to stop the Mueller investigation.

"We have not impeded it at all. We had an Attorney General who is recused from it,” White House counselor Kellyanne Conway said. “We now don't have an acting Attorney General who's recused from it. Nobody wants to prolong it. We've done everything that we've been asked to do.”

What the protesters says is the effort can’t end. They say it's easy to feel the support surrounded by thousands - but they want  people to continue the fight until they see results.