Keeping pets safe amid coronavirus pandemic

A tiger at a zoo in New York has tested positive for coronavirus and it's raising questions about the virus and our pets.

The Bronx Zoo says a 4-year-old female Malayan tiger developed a dry cough and was infected by a zoo employee. Three other tigers and three African lions also had a dry cough but were not tested. The zoo says the big cats are expected to fully recover.

When it comes to the animals in our lives, Dr. Alycia Lamb with Sunset Hill Vet and Rehab Center says, to date, the CDC has not seen any coronavirus infections in domestic pets, but if you suspect your pet is sick, call or email your veterinarian.

If you are sick, access your condition and whether you are able to care for your pet.

"If you're feeling mild symptoms and you know that having your pet with you makes you feel more centered and less stressed, it's probably a good idea to keep your pet with you. If you're really ill and contemplating going to the hospital, it's important to ask a family member or trusted loved one to help you with that care," said Dr. Lamb.

She also recommends keeping everyone's living space clean.

"If you have an indoor cat, make sure that the kitty litter is kept very clean. Think about the places where they sleep and make sure that's clean. Similarly, if you share a sleeping space with your pet and have allergies or asthma, you want to take good steps to make sure living with your pets doesn't exacerbate your symptoms," said Dr. Lamb.

Pet fostering has reportedly taken off during the outbreak. Dr. Lamb says at this moment, there is no evidence to suggest pets can spread coronavirus to humans, and if a furry companion can provide comfort during this time, fostering an animal is a great option.