Man faces charges for suspected fentanyl dealing in Capitol Hill

Prosecutors have charged a man suspected of selling fentanyl in Seattle's Pike/Pine area.

The King County Prosecuting Attorney's Office charged Earl Brock with fentanyl delivery on Tuesday, in connection to several drug deals in the south end of Capitol Hill.

According to charging documents, a police officer watched Brock do several drug sales in the area. The officer said Brock took payment from someone, then handed him a clear plastic baggie of blue pills.

Fentanyl pills, sometimes referred to as ‘Blues,’ are often distributed in small, round, blue pills with an ‘M’ on one side and a ‘30’ on the other.

Charging documents say the officer arrested Brock and search his jacket, where they found 27 fentanyl pills in one pocket, as well as brass knuckles, 443 more fentanyl pills, $377 in cash, 40 capsules and more than a hundred clear baggies.

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Brock reportedly admitted to selling the pills, saying he sold five pills for $20.

Prosecutors say Brock has a conviction history in Wisconsin. His arraignment is scheduled for June 9.