New study released; slide zone still active

BURIEN -- City leaders released a 14-page report detailing the investigation into a landslide that damaged two homes and forced the evacuation of three other residences last week.

Geotech experts say the ground at the slide zone continues to move slowly and people living in the five evacuated homes cannot return right away. Neighbors living in three evacuated homes that weren't damaged must prove their property is safe.

Burien Communications Officer, Katie Whittier Trefry, said, "We can’t in good conscience let them reside in a place where their life is in danger."

Jamie Getter's parents live near the slide zone. She worries about their safety.

Getter said, "Sure, it’s a concern for all of them down there. Your neighbors lose their home right around Christmas time. It’s not an easy thing to deal with."

Getter says all five of the evacuated homes have been burglarized while the homeowners have been away.

She says her parents have no intention of leaving despite the dangers of another slide.