Seattle Public Schools provides more details on 'inappropriate release' of student information

SEATTLE -- Seattle Public School Interim Superintendent Larry Nyland apologized to families Tuesday night for the "inappropriate release" of student information through its former law firm and provided more details on what was given out.

Nyland said in a message to families:

"The student information that was given to a parent by mistake includes directory information on over 7,400 students, including date of birth, grade and school assignment. The files also include student identification number, special education assignments, disability categories and special education transportation information. We believe this information includes substantially all of the special education students in the district.

"In addition, some data on Roosevelt students was released.  That information, for smaller numbers of students, includes discipline data, test results, service models, and scholarship information.  At this time, we are not aware that any information was disclosed about general education students who do not attend Roosevelt.  The district continues to review all files disclosed by the law firm.

"Release of this information is of great concern.  We have severed our relationship with the law firm in the handling of this case.  Although we don’t believe the information been given to anyone other than the one individual parent, we are taking legal steps to insure that the student record information is returned.

"On behalf of the district, I apologize for this breach of privacy.  Our goal is to contain any further disclosure of this information and have the data returned to the district and any potential additional copies destroyed as soon as possible.

We will continue to update our families as we have additional information.


Dr. Larry Nyland, Interim Superintendent"