Seattle opens 6 lifeguarded beaches, wading pools

The summer sun is rolling in hot for the first time this year. As appealing as a cold plunge sounds to cool off, Seattle urges residents to stay out of bodies of water to avoid cold water shock. An alternative is taking advantage of Seattle's splashpads, wading pools and beaches.

Historically, the months of May and June have the most drownings because people ignore the frigid water temperatures amid the warm weather.

Aside from the danger of cold water shock, materials from area birds tend to increase E. coli and other risks making the water unsafe in other respects, experts say. Bodies of water that lack constant movement, such as lakes, are the most susceptible to these risks.

Keep reading for a list of Seattle beaches with lifeguards and where to find the best wading pools and spray parks around the city. 

Seattle beaches with lifeguards

Seattle Parks and Recreation is opening six of their seasonal lifeguarded beaches and wading pools on June 22. Lifeguards will monitor the beaches daily from 2 p.m. until 7 p.m. on weekdays and 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. on weekends and holidays. In accordance with the Parks and Recreation Swim Seattle initiative, free beach swimming lessons are available for young people ages 6 to 16.

  • Madrona Beach
  • West Green Lake Beach
  • Matthew's Park Beach
  • Madison Beach
  • Mt. Baker Beach
  • Pritchard Beach

Children play in a wading pool during the summer.  (Xinhua/Zou Zheng via Getty Images)

Wading pools

In addition to the seasonal beaches, wading pools at park locations across Seattle will open on June 22. Wading pools are open with an attendant in season on sunny days when the temperature is expected to be 70 degrees or above.

Dates and times may vary depending on location and weather. The Wading Pool Hotline and the Wading Pool Facebook page provide daily updates on the hours and open status in the summer.

  • Beacon Hill
  • Bitter Lake Community Center
  • Dahl Playfield
  • Delridge Community Center
  • E. Queen Anne Playground
  • Gilman Playground
  • Greek Lake Park
  • Hiawatha Community Center
  • Lincoln Park
  • Peppi's Playground
  • Powell Barnett Park
  • Ravenna Park
  • Sandel Playground
  • Soundview Playfield
  • Van Asselt Community Center
  • View Ridge Playfield
  • Volunteer Park
  • Wallingford Playfield

Seattle spray parks

These spray parks will be open from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. each day of the week through Labor Day. 

Tacoma spray parks

Ten spray parks will be open daily throughout the summer at the following Tacoma locations:

  • Wright Sprayground
  • Wapato Hills Sprayground
  • Verlo Sprayground
  • Titlow Sprayground
  • South Park Sprayground
  • SERA Campus Sprayground
  • Norpoint Sprayground
  • Kandle Sprayground
  • Jefferson Sprayground
  • Franklin Sprayground


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