We end the Deep Freeze but some Snow in the Forecast

We will come out of this deep freeze this week but we will have a 24 hour period of snow or freezing rain starting Monday afternoon. For the most part I’m not expecting very much snow here in Seattle but since the ground is frozen any freezing rain or snow will make it VERY SLICK on all surfaces. It looks like the worst areas will be North of Everett and South of Tacoma. (Seattle will be in the rain shadow, so we get the least). Freezing rain is about the worst type of weather since even just a little bit make everything icy and slippery. Tuesday morning will probably be a snowy and icy commute. Tuesday afternoon we just turn to plain rain across the lowlands. Snow for the mountains this whole week. Updates to follow about Monday evening. The lows this week will be below freezing Monday and Tuesday but by Wednesday the lows will be above freezing. It looks rainy and breezy Thursday through Sunday. Walter. 12/8/13