What happens if you eat Chipotle for 153 days straight? Apparently this.

LOS ANGELES, California --  40 days of eating the same thing at Chipotle just wasn’t enough for one 23-year-old LA man.

Andrew Hawryluk is on day 153 and still going.

Hawryluk says he orders the same thing every day, white rice, chicken, guacamole and lettuce topped with Tabasco chipotle sauce.

He then snaps a photo of the meal and his receipt and posts the evidence on his website Chipotlife.

Why is the LA area animator doing this you might ask?

“It’s an undeniably delicious meal,” wrote Hawryluk.  “It tastes kind of like Mexican sushi.”

But why?  WHY?

“It’s cheap, it’s consistent, it’s delicious,” he told Business Insider.  “You know what you’re getting every time.”

Hawryluk says it began as a joke when he told his brother he was going to eat Chipotle every day for Lent.  Then when the 40 days were up he just kept right on going.

Now that his ‘culinary endurance art piece’ has gone viral he’s faced with some new questions from strangers.

One commenter asked “How much weight have you lost/gained since you’ve started this experiment?”

Hawryluk says he hovers between 158lbs and 165lbs.

“I figure my weight mostly depends on all the other stuff I’m eating/drinking , and in my mind has very little to do with my Chipotle intake,”  he writes on his site.

“My go-to meal only has 605 calories, (although I suspect Chipotle’s average serving is a bit heftier than they cite in their nutrition calculator) which is on the low-end for a meal. I only eat Chipotle once a day unless I’m feeling adventurous or something weird is going on, but in a typical day, I suspect I end up somewhere around 1800-2200 calories.”

He even shared a photo on twitter of his rather impressive abs.

“When all’s said and done, I’m only 23 years old and have a naturally fast metabolism, so I kind of have a free pass to eat whatever I want for the next few years,” writes Hawryluk.  “However, I do exercise regularly so I guess that helps as well.”

So how much longer does this continue?

“Next question.”

Weirdly Andrew isn't the only person currently doing this.  Though we have to point out that Mark seems to be a good month behind Andrew in his effort.