'You dead, b----:' Belltown woman shot in the head, kicked by shooter while down

Seattle Police announced the arrests in three separate homicide cases over the weekend, including that in a brutal instance in Belltown where the victim was shot in the head and then kicked several times by the alleged shooter, who was yelling "the b----- still breathing."

On March 3 at around 1:13 a.m., officers were called to an apartment building at 2510 Western Ave. for reports of two women fighting and that shots may have been fired. When they arrived, they saw 33-year-old Rickesha Overton running toward Vine Street with a black handgun with the slide in the back position, indicating that the magazine was empty, court documents allege.

When officers ordered her to drop the gun, she did, and said something to the effect of, "she came into my apartment. It was self-defense. I had to shoot her." 

While arresting officers took Overton into custody, they found the victim, 20-year-old Alicia Decoteau, dead in an alley, just outside the back entrance to the apartment building dispatchers were sent to for the fight and shots fired. 

According to court documents, while being transported to SPD headquarters, Overton allegedly told officers that she didn't care if she gets a life sentence, she just wants "to go to Alicia's funeral." 

Video surveillance from the building shows what happened.

Overton can be seen following Decoteau down a staircase in the building while pointing a pistol at her. Overton shoves Decoteau to the ground before shooting her twice, according to court documents. The first shot was to the torso, where Decoteau fell to her knees and began crying out and pleading. The second shot was to the back of her head, court documents said.

The video showed Overton's gun running out of rounds.

As Decoteau lay dead on the ground, Overton says, "you dead, b----, you dead," before kicking Decoteau at least five times, court documents allege. While kicking Decoteau, Overton says, "the b**** still breathing." Witnesses said she kicked Decoteau in the ribs and stomped on her stomach. 

A witness who heard the commotion and started filming caught the attention of Overton, who said, "I'll blow your m-----f----- brains out!" as she pointed a gun at a crowd of witnesses. 

Officers were also called to the same building on Jan. 1 of this year, and at that time, Overton was arrested for allegedly assaulting Decoteau. She was booked into jail for that alleged assault but was released three days later. 

According to charging documents, she allegedly tried to push Decoteau out a third story window. 

Overton and Decoteau appear to at least be acquainted with each other. Police interviewed Overton's boyfriend, who was in the apartment with the pair before the shooting occurred.

According to court documents, Overton had caught him and Decoteau having sex earlier in the morning on the day of the shooting. Overton's boyfriend told police that Overton and Decoteau were drinking earlier that day. 

Overton was booked into King County Jail for investigation of first-degree murder and second-degree assault.

She is scheduled to appear in court on March 6. 

Bail was set at $5 million.


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