Seattle police officers could see 23% raise pending contract agreement

Seattle police officers may soon be in line for a significant pay increase, with a proposed 23% raise outlined in a tentative contract agreement between the city of Seattle and the Seattle Police Officers Guild. 

The terms of this agreement, if ratified, could bring relief to officers who have been working without a contract for an extended period.

Reactions to the news of the tentative contract are mixed among residents. 

The Mayor's office shared a statement with FOX 13, highlighting the agreement's focus on enhancing police services through accountability measures, staffing improvements, fair wages, and benefits.

The contract's details became public after it was briefly posted on the Seattle Police Officers Guild website, and then subsequently taken down.

Sandeep Kaushik, a political and public affairs consultant, noted that the contract covers the last three years, with this year's negotiations still ongoing. He emphasized that the proposed raises are retroactive, a positive step in police recruitment efforts.

While some view the contract as a step forward in addressing officer shortages and response times, others express concerns about the broader reforms and civilian protections. Kaushik acknowledged that contentious issues between the city and the guild remain unresolved, particularly in terms of best practices and reforms.

Jim Fuda, the Executive Director of Crime Stoppers for Puget Sound and a retired officer of 33 years, expressed satisfaction with the agreement, saying to FOX 13 Seattle, "It attracts more officers, keeps the ones who have been working without a contract, and solidifies job positions, pay and benefits."

The Seattle Community Police Commission released a statement expressing disappointment that they were not directly involved in the discussions surrounding the tentative agreement. They urged city leaders to include them in future discussions on this important matter.

As the process moves forward, the next step would be for the Police Officers Guild to ratify the contract. Subsequently, the City Council would consider the ratification, pending the Guild's decision.

This proposed contract has sparked discussions among Seattle residents and officials, highlighting the ongoing efforts to address the city's policing needs while ensuring accountability and transparency in law enforcement practices. The outcome of the Guild's vote and the subsequent City Council consideration will be closely watched by the Seattle community.


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