XFINITY Home: An inside look at Comcast’s new security and control system

Courtesy of Comcast

You can't always be home to stop burglars from stealing your stuff and I've heard it over and over again from victims, "I never thought it would happen in my neighborhood." Here’s a look at a new security and control system for your house from our partners at XFINITY Home. "What's really nice about this is wherever you are, you can kind of check on your house,” Comcast’s Steve Kipp said. Kipp said their XFINITY Home security system lets you stay connected anywhere, anytime – all from your smart phone. "Every time that front patio door opens, I'll get a text message,” Kipp said. You can also stay connected with your laptop. "I was away on a business trip, and my wife was out of town at the same time, and it was nice to be able to check on cameras, just look at the house," he said. You can check up on things from your iPad. The system also allows you to do things like lower your thermostat or remotely turn on your lights. "Maybe you’re going to be coming home later than you thought and it's dark and you want to turn the lights on -- you can do that pretty easily,” Kipp said. The great thing about XFINITY Home is that it has such clear cameras that you can get a good look at their face. When you’re at home, you control all of it with a wireless keypad that also gives you news and weather -- and for those forgetful family members? There are reminders like, "Don't forget to take out the trash." The cost of the system depends on how many surveillance cameras and motion sensors you want, but it starts at around $50 a month. Weigh that against the thousands of dollars of stuff stolen in every burglary -- and your family’s safety. "Even if somebody happens to be at the house, it's nice to know, ‘OK the door opened, what's going on?’ Knowing what kind of activity is happening does give you some piece of mind,” Kipp said. CLICK HERE for more information on XFINITY Home