'Belltown Hellcat' could face jail time for violating court agreement

Miles Hudson, infamously known as the "Belltown Hellcat" owner, might be headed to jail, according to a legal expert who says Hudson has violated his court agreement.

FOX 13 Seattle previously reported that Hudson has a criminal history of violence, and now we’re learning that his record could put the brakes on his notorious activities.

Hudson was sentenced to about a year in jail for his assault conviction against his mother. However, nearly the entire punishment was suspended as long as he stayed out of trouble, which, according to the Seattle City Attorney, he has not.

"He previously pled guilty to an assault. All the jail time was suspended. That’s a good deal if you can stay out of trouble for a couple of years," said Mark Lindquist, a legal expert and former Pierce County prosecuting attorney.

Hudson admitted to the courts that he beat up his mother in 2022. Reports indicate he became angry when she wouldn’t make him coffee, grabbed the back of the chair she was sitting in, and slammed her to the ground. Court records show the judge sentenced Hudson to about a year in jail, but he only served two days thanks to a suspended sentence.

Lindquist says with all the new attention on the "Belltown Hellcat," that reduced sentence could be revoked.

"When judges cut you a break, and a suspended sentence is definitely a break, they expect you to stay out of trouble. When you don’t, they’re likely going to want to send a message," said Lindquist.

According to the conditions of Hudson’s suspended sentence in Renton, he explicitly could not break the law, which the Seattle City Attorney accuses him of doing. 

He faces two reckless driving charges in the city, as well as tens of thousands of dollars in civil fines.

"The judge could find he has violated his conditions of release before he is convicted of the new charges," Lindquist noted.

The original assault conviction is from Renton, and they’d be the ones to decide if Hudson goes to jail. However, an official with the city said they can’t comment on the case.

Lindquist tells FOX 13 Seattle that Hudson likely faces at least some time behind bars. "The judge is likely going to look at how serious the new violation is, and what kind of life the guy has been leading since the previous charges … has he cleaned up his act or not?"

Adding to his legal troubles and lawsuits, FOX 13 Seattle uncovered another criminal case against Hudson for cyber harassment; it's currently under review. An official with the attorney’s office confirmed no charges have been filed yet.

This is a developing story; check back for updates.


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