Deer collisions can be costly, PEMCO Insurance offers tips on how to avoid a crash

October through December is deer migration and mating season.

More deer are on the move and they could be showing up in areas where you don't normally see them.

PEMCO Insurance says two-thirds of all crashes involving deer happen around this time of year.

"Don't veer off the road if you see a deer," said Sandy Malone, an Agency Associate with PEMCO Insurance. "You want to stay in your lane. Slow down as quickly as possible, so that the impact if you happen to hit the deer isn't as great."

Here are some other things you can do to avoid hitting a deer on the road:

    Unfortunately, accidents happen and sometimes you can't avoid a crash.

    "Put on your flashing lights to attract attention to your vehicle, so that folks coming up behind you or in front of you know that something is going on to catch their attention," said Malone. "Stay in your vehicle, call 911 for assistance for someone to come help you."

    PEMCO Insurance says there were over a million deer collisions nationwide and the average cost per claim topped $4,000.

    "Check to ensure there aren't any pieces of your vehicle left behind," said Malone. "If there are, put them in your vehicle, so you can go to a collision repair to have your vehicle checked."

    Also, Malone advises drivers to check for tire damage and any leaking fluids coming from the car.

    If in doubt, call for a tow and once you've done that, call your insurance company.