Docs: Victims were strangers to suspects in Sammamish home invasion-turned shooting

A suspect with a "history of violent felony convictions" targeted a Sammamish home at random to rob, which then turned into the suspects and victims shooting each other, according to court documents.

Deputies responded to a home on NE 2nd St and 225th Ave. NE just after midnight on Feb. 13 for reports of the home invasion.

According to court documents, the homeowner was in his living room when he heard his front door rattling, as if someone were trying the handle. When he went to look at his Ring camera, he heard the front door being kicked down and heard people entering his home.

The homeowner ran past the front door and down the hallway. He was shot at a few times, but was not hit.

The homeowner's son was sleeping in his bedroom when he heard his father scream. He told investigators that he saw one person in the hallway and two more people coming through the door. According to court documents, the son said he shot the second person coming in the door and they took off.

The son was shot at least five times, by who he believed was the person in the hallway. He was rushed to Harborview Medical Center in critical condition.


Man in critical condition after home invasion robbery in Sammamish

A man was hospitalized in critical condition after a home invasion robbery and shooting overnight in Sammamish, deputies said.

Police say about 20 minutes after they were called to the home, they got a report that someone was dropped off at Valley Medical Center with a gunshot wound.

The person who was shot was identified as 38-year-old Rickey Haines.

Haines told a hospital staff member that he was shot in his sleep when asked what happened. However, bullet fragments from his wounds matched that of the gun that the homeowner's son had, according to court documents.

"There is no evidence to suggest the Defendant [Haines] is associated with or knows the victims; the Defendant targeted strangers in their home while many of them slept inside," court documents said.

He has been charged with first-degree assault and first-degree burglary.

Prosecutors asked that bail be set at $2 million because he has a "history of violent felony convictions" and a "history of failing to appear" in court, according to charging documents.

Haines has been previously convicted of nine felony offenses, including two separate instances of burglary, assault of a child and robbery.

According to Ring camera footage from the victimized family, four people were involved in the home invasion. Haines' three other co-conspirators have not yet been identified.