'I can't help but cry': Family forced to leave as home teeters on edge of river

THURSTON COUNTY -- The Carr family can only worry and wait as the Nisqually River continues to erode massive chunks of their property as it inches closer to the family's dream home.

Heather Carr still can't believe the change she has seen in the past three months.

"It’s been going on eight weeks since the beginning of all the erosion and the river moving, and when I come out here, I can't help but cry," Carr said.

An unusually stormy winter season caused flooding that washed away the majority of the Carrs' property. On Tuesday, Thurston County officials placed a red tag on their property and labeled it unsafe to live in.

Carr said, "Just this last weekend the last few chunks finally fell off and now we’re literally teetering on the ledge to the river."

Heather and her husband, Johnny, say they are not getting answers from the mortgage and insurance companies.

"What I believe is going to happen, and it sounds like it will happen this week, is that we will be paying a mortgage on a pile of rocks and still be homeless," Carr said.

The Carr family has a Gofundme page to help pay for the $200,000 they still owe on their home.