JBLM doctor faces judge in one of the largest sexual assault cases in Army history

A local military doctor was back inside a military courtroom on Thursday, where he faces dozens of sexual assault charges after several male soldiers came forward.

The case against Major Michael Stockin would be one of the largest of its kind to ever unfold within the U.S. Army.

Maj. Stockin, a pain doctor, is currently not allowed to see patients at Joint Base Lewis McChord’s (JBLM) Madigan Army Medical Center as he faces 52 charges — including 47 counts of abusive sexual contact with his patients. Despite this, his medical license is still active, according to online records.

Lawyers spent the day arguing a number of motions. Defense attorneys are trying to exclude a statement Stockin previously made to investigators, and also requested a change of venue.

The judge will determine those motions at a later date, but it became clear that the timeline of the trial will not unfold as originally believed. It is now likely the trial will be pushed into 2025.

Ryan Guilds, a lawyer for a number of the victims, told FOX 13 News that learning of another delay was discouraging.

"They’re soldiers, so I think they’ll muck it up and do their best. I speak to my clients, and sometimes they’re having a bad day, and it’s because of what happened to them, or coming to grips with what happened to them," said Guilds. "Ultimately, they’re trying to move forward and what is obviously a lengthy process, and now after today, it’s longer."

The investigation into Stockin is ongoing, and it remains unclear if there are more victims. Guilds and others believe it’s possible that more patients could have been victimized. Throughout the investigation and early hearings, he has raised concerns over whether victims are aware of the services that are available to them.

"I encourage all victims, or those who think they might be victims, to come forward," said Guilds. "I remind them of the resources the military is legally responsible to provide them, and that there’s people like me willing to help them with legal services, counseling services and all the other services they’re entitled to."

Multiple soldiers have told similar stories of how Stockin groped their genitals under the guise of a sensory exam.

All the victims were patients at the Army hospital located on JBLM, though Stockin has previously worked on military installations in Washington, D.C. and Hawaii.

Stockin has not entered a plea, something he can still do at a later date.

His defense team, including attorney Robert Capovilla, have warned the public against coming to an early conclusion in the case.

"We understand, without exception, that in today’s political culture, the media will continue to condemn Major Stockin and render judgment before a jury or judge even hears evidence," said Capovilla after Stockin’s initial hearing.


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Stockin will remain out of custody. While the trial will now be pushed to early 2025, he will have additional hearings throughout 2024.