No sale, use or possession of fireworks in the City of Bothell this 4th of July

City leaders in Bothell have issued an emergency ban on the sale, use, and possession of fireworks through July 5.

The temporary order was voted on in a special city council meeting on Tuesday.

"We’re just really concerned and you know our number one priority is conserving life and property," said Deputy Chief Butch Noble, Bothell Fire Department. "With these high temperatures and the lack of moisture, and the fuel, it’s just super important because fireworks can be unpredictable even the kind that stay on the ground."

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Deputy Noble said the fire danger this 4th of July is more concerning than in previous years because of the extreme heat and dry weather. 

As for any consequences, Noble said the fire department plans on enforcing the ban with education.

"We’re going to hope that our community does the right thing and follows the ban," said Deputy Chief Noble.

However, fireworks are still being sold and bought at some stands in the City of Bothell. Most of the customers stopping by are young children with their families. 

"This is actually my sixth year doing this," said Jaiden Pereira, manager at TNT Fireworks Stands. "The best part is the children, seeing how they react, and it’s just like when I grew up, going to the fireworks stand. My parents would take me and I just had an absolute blast."

City staff contacted all fireworks stands vendors in advance of Tuesday’s decision, according to the City of Bothell. 

"I think this has been a tradition as long as I can remember and it’s sad that one day it may never be," said Pereira. "So I do think it is a little overstepping of the city."

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