Paranormal researchers return to look into 'haunted' Bothell home again

BOTHELL, Wash. -- Unexplained paranormal activity has drawn a team of UK researchers to a Bothell home for a second time.

Parapsychologist Steve Mera and Paranormal Researcher Don Philips have visitied the house twice this year to investigate electronic voice phenomena, demonic wall markings, trashed rooms and mysteriously thrown objects.

“We could be dealing with a location which is haunted and a house is ... built on it,” said Mera.

Keith Linder says he found the numbers ‘666’ on his office door and a crude drawing of an upside-down man on his wall in what he calls a Halloween attack by a powerful poltergeist on 2014.

“What kind of brush or spray or what tool method could do this and what kind of paint is this?” asked Linder.

Now, he’s continuing to search for an explanation. Most recently, he took the door with the paint to a store to have it analyzed and says it’s not paint but is calcium-based.

Linder says the truck he used to move the door now as the same splatter on the roof of the bed cover.

“For lack of a better word, some type of weird ghost cross contamination type deal,” said Linder.

He called for the researchers to return to investigate after finding wet streaks running down his wall from underneath a painting.

“It seems to be coming from a wall that doesn't contain water pipes. It's an outside wall with no plumbing in it,” said Mera.

There are no visible holes in the wall or source of the liquid , and the streaks appear to originate near the wall hooks.

"This is the entity who lives here's way of getting attention,” said Linder.

The researchers say the level of poltergeist activity seems to have dropped since their first visit in January.

“We will never prove 100 percent one way or another but I think it's important that these people experiencing such phenomena that it's OK to put it out there and ask,” said Philips.

Linder says he learned to respect the spirts but decided it was time to start a new chapter in his life in a new home so he moved out.

“Me personally, I think It's probably always going to be haunted,” said Linder.