'Pokemon Go transportation' - Trainers paying to be driven around while playing game

PORTLAND, Ore. -- An ad listed on Craigslist in the Portland area is offering up "Pokemon Go Transportation."

This creative entrepreneur writes:

"I will drive you around Portland Metro area while you play Pokemon Go.

Rides include snacks and beverages.

$30/per person

Includes 2 hours of driving around to all the PokeStops and Gym Trainers."

So who is going to pay for this service? Tons of people, according to a driver who offers a similar service in Pittsburgh.

"Within an hour my inbox was completely filled up with people that wanted me to take them to go find certain kinds of Pokemon - they needed to go to PokeStops to get PokeBalls," said driver Tom Larkin.

In Portland, the ride will cost you $30 per person which includes two hours of driving around to hit all the PokeStops you need.

Or you could walk around for free! Just remember to pay attention to your surroundings.