State representatives pass bill to ban killer couch cushions

OLYMPIA -- A bill to ban harmful chemicals found in millions of pieces of furniture has passed the Washington State House of Representatives and is waiting for a vote in a senate committee.

House Bill 1294 would ban a long list of fire retardant chemicals found in furniture and also allow the state to ban future chemicals before they are introduced into our homes.

Representatives with the Washington Toxic Coalition said these fire retardants don't work very well and have been linked to cancer, learning disabilities and more medical problems. The author of the bill is a fire fighter who agrees.

Rep. Kevn Van De Wege, D-Sequim, is sponsoring this bill that passed the House last month. He said that these harmful chemicals smolder during house fires and firefighters breathe them in and put themselves at risk.

The toxic Coalition just wants to educate parents about this hidden danger in their home. Randi Abrams-Caris of the Washington Toxic Coalition said, “I’m concerned not only because I’m a mother but because I'm concerned for where these chemicals end up. They wind up in our air and in our water supply. They’re winding up in our fish that we consume.”

To protect your family, Abrams-Caris says you should clean often. Damp dust inside your house frequently, vacuum daily and contact your legislators to let them know this worries you.