Tacoma neighborhood shaken by back-to-back shootings

Two recent shootings have neighbors in East Tacoma concerned about their safety.

A shooting Tuesday night left a man dead on East F Street near McKinley Overlook.

According to investigators, Tacoma police received a number of reports from people who heard a number of gunshots in the area around 11:30 p.m.

When officers arrived at the scene, they found a man lying on the ground.

Neighbors tell FOX 13 they heard more than 20 gunshots before police arrived.

"Too much crap goes on at night," said neighbor Steven Gillette. "It’s just boozing and all this stuff, and kids running around and gunshots and then people getting killed."

Investigators say first responders tried to save the victim, but he was later pronounced dead.

Neighbors on and off-camera say this isn’t the first time they’ve dealt with gun violence.

"We hear shots all the time," said one man who asked not to be identified. "What’s driving these young people to pick up the guns?"

"It terrifies me," added Gillette. "It terrifies me. I’m just looking to make sure nothing is shot up or that nobody was shot."

On Wednesday people dropped off flowers where the victim died. A vigil is planned for later in the evening.

"It’s just sad," said one woman. "This is such a beautiful area. It’s just gone downhill."

Less than five miles away and less than 30 minutes after that deadly shooting, another investigation was underway, this time involving a sheriff's deputy.

According to the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department, deputies responded to a domestic dispute call involving family members at around 11:49 p.m. at Martins Mobile Home Park, near the corner of 48th St. E and 33rd Ave. Ct. E. The 9-1-1 call told dispatchers their brother was armed with a knife.

Shortly after midnight, deputies encountered the suspect, who ran to a shed on the property. At around 12:11 a.m., deputies reported 'shots fired' over the radio.

The sheriff's department indicated that deputies applied a chest seal bandage to the suspect and took him to a nearby hospital with serious injuries.

Both incidents remain under investigation.


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