This toothless, earless pit bull was given a second chance at life after years of abuse

An abused and abandoned pit bull is making a miraculous recovery, and getting a well-deserved second chance at life.

Nana was saved from euthanasia in 2013. Now at 10-years-old, she is thriving.

Multiple news outlets have reported on the dog's journey. Medical student Stephanie Doris agreed to foster the dog after finding her on a Southern California shelter's web site two years ago.

At the time, veterinarians estimated the dog had given birth to 15 litters of puppies in her lifetime.

Nana was in bad shape. Her teeth had already been pulled out.

What was left of her ears was infected after a botched removal. Vets were even forced to remove her ear canals because they were full of fungi and polyps.

"Even though I will never understand why or how they could treat a dog like that, especially a dog as sweet, as innocent and as gentle as Nana, I am thankful they surrendered her. Otherwise, she would not be with me now," Doris told the Huffington Post. "She has forgiven humans and, in a sense, I have forgiven, too."

Doris adopted the dog six months later.

After a cruel start to her life, Nana finally had a forever home. Her owner has been sharing the dog's story on Instagram and Facebook.

Doris told the Post she was never a "pit bull person" before. But she wants to raise awareness of how dogs can be abused by humans, thrown out like trash, and still thrive -- if given the opportunity.

She hopes people will consider adopting senior pets.

"There are so many Nanas out there, just waiting to be loved and to give love," she told the Post. "To this day, I cannot explain what sparked me to impulsively apply to foster her. What I do know, though, is that it was one of the best decisions I have made."