UW football players Tybo Rogers, Diesel Gordon accused of assault on Seattle cyclist

The Seattle Police Department is investigating a reported assault of a bicyclist by two University of Washington football players near campus.

Investigators said Tylin "Tybo" Rogers and Diesel Gordon were identified as the suspects based on surveillance video that captured the assault. 

FOX 13 Seattle spoke to the victim of the attack.

"I thought my life was over, and I was in danger," said Camden Malone.

The incident happened on March 11. Malone said he was riding his bike back home from work on UW's campus. He said he just found out that his roommate at Shoreline Community College had died, and said he was upset.

Malone, reported that a vehicle behind him began yelling and cursing at him to get out of the road. 

Malone tells us he flipped off the vehicle, and then they tried to hit him with the car. Malone says he spat toward the car, and then they started chasing him.

"I tried my best to get away, and it was just gut-wrenching when I found out they did see, where I went, and they were coming down to get me," he said.

Malone was hiding in the stairwell of a nearby building on NE 50th Street.

"They assaulted me. I was pushed. I was hit in the face. My bike was broken. My glasses were broken, shoved around. Luckily, the whole thing was caught on camera," said Malone.

A witness corroborated parts of the victim's account, stating he saw both suspects near the victim before they returned to their vehicle upon realizing they were being watched.

Surveillance footage of the incident was provided to police. According to police records, the video shows Gordon and Rogers spitting on Malone multiple times. The report says Rogers hit Malone so hard in the face his glasses flew off.

Police arrested Rogers and Gordon on April 5 and took them to Seattle Police Headquarters to be interviewed.

According to the report, Gordon said the two of them were in a rental car behind the victim who was "bicycling slowly" for two blocks. He said he did not honk or yell at Malone but did not know if Rogers did. Gordon said at a red light, he pulled up next to the cyclist and asked if he could pass him, and that is when the victim spat in Gordon's face and called him a name. Gordon told police that he followed the victim who told him his roommate had just died. Gordon said he spit on the victim but did not touch him, and he could not speak to what Rogers did.

Rogers declined to be interviewed. He is also under investigation for allegedly raping two college-aged students in separate incidents just days apart in Oct. of 2023. Rogers was booked into King County Jail and booked for investigation of second-degree rape and third-degree rape, as well as property destruction and fourth-degree assault. He has court dates scheduled in May to face the charges and a trial is tentatively scheduled for July for the rape charges.

Rogers was suspended from the UW football team in Nov. but returned to practice in Dec. and played in the Sugar Bowl and College Football Playoff Championship game.

Police said they referred prosecutors to charge Gordon with property destruction and fourth-degree assault.


'He didn’t even give the opportunity to consent': Victim asks for protection from alleged UW Football rapist

Tybo Rogers, the University of Washington football player accused of raping two students, pleaded not guilty in court on Thursday.

The University of Washington provided the following statement to FOX 13 Seattle:

"We have been aware that these serious charges – which are related to an incident previously reported in the media – were pending and have been cooperating with police since becoming aware of the investigation. Both students were suspended from all football team activities on April 5, and remain suspended indefinitely."

The Seattle Police Department is urging anyone with information about the incident to come forward.

This is a developing story; check back for updates.


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