DNR: Burn ban issued across Washington after heat wave

After record-breaking heat cooked Washington this week, the Department of Natural Resources has issued a burn ban across the entire state.

The ban encompasses all DNR lands in Washington, with the aim of preventing "human activities" which are the leading cause of wildfires. This comes as the entire state falls under at least "moderate" wildfire danger, though the majority of the state is at "high" danger, and the Lower Columbia Basin is currently at "very high" danger.

This means all outdoor fires on state, county, city and private land under DNR fire protection are banned. That includes state forests, DNR-managed forestlands and DNR campgrounds.

Anyone caught burning on DNR land may be issued a ticket or prosecuted. The agency may also pursue civil action against anyone who starts or allows a fire to spread.

Officials say if your fire escapes, you will be responsible for paying for fire suppression efforts.

The burn ban is scheduled to be lifted on Sept. 30. 

You can track daily burn restrictions in Washington through DNR’s Burn Portal.


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