Windstorm hammers Puget Sound, the worst expected Sunday

SEATTLE - Saturday’s windstorm knocked out power to homes and businesses.

The wind started to pick up around 7 p.m. around the Puget Sound hammering away for hours.

Wind gusts topped 38 miles per hour.

Q13 Fox News crews were parked along 28th and Dravus in Magnolia, where a power line started drooping down towards the live truck. It did not break completely but it came dangerously close.  Even away from power lines, the wind was so ferocious it kept shaking and swaying the live truck. Things like traffic lights and tree branches were no match. If the wind continues to rage resident can expect a lot more power outages.

At one point about 3,900 Seattle City Light customers in Magnolia, Queen Anne, Lake Union and Lawton Park area lost electricity because a large tree branch fell onto a power line.

Also a lot of businesses in Magnolia Village along West Mcgraw Street went pitch dark for nearly an hour. Szmania’s restaurant was in the middle of their dinner rush when the lights went out. About 20 customers were inside and the owner said she panicked.

“We gasped my first thought was oh my gosh I am glad it wasn’t last night when we had 200 people in here last night. But people are in great moods they stayed they loved the candle light,” owner Julie Szmania said.

“It made it romantic to have the candles when I went to pay the bill it made it fun I held the bill against the candle so I could read them,” Rita Daubenspeck said.

Luckily the outage did not last a long time for many residents but the worst may not be over. Puget Sound could be hit by wind gusts of up to 50 mph.