Commentary: Value the players who returned to Seahawks for another ring

The Seahawks are now one of eight teams left in the quest for a Super Bowl title.

Of interest: There’s not a single eligible player from last year’s Seahawks Super Bowl roster – who’s now on a different team and still alive to win another ring.

Brandon Browner – now with the Patriots – was suspended during last year’s postseason. Kenneth Boatright – now with the Cowboys – was on injured reserve all year.

Everyone else – from Golden Tate, to Breno Giacomini and Paul McQuistan, to Walter Thurmond, Red Bryant, Chris Clemons and Chris Maragos – will be watching the rest of the playoffs from home. And while the grass *WAS greener for many of these players in terms of more lucrative deals and more money, it came at the sacrifice of their best chance of winning another Super Bowl title this season.

Granted, these decisions – from both a front office and player standpoint – are never easy.

Many of those players were simply salary cap casualties who would’ve returned if money wasn’t a factor.

But it should also give us a reason to value the free agents who stayed put – and might’ve been offered more money elsewhere. We know that was the case for Michael Bennett, who could’ve signed for more in Chicago to play with his brother.

Loyalty is a fleeting word in relation to the NFL, yet these are the players we can value even more for their ultimate loyalty to the situation they were in – and the fanbase they play for.

And they’re being rewarded with a chance to win a second straight Super Bowl title.

Again, I don’t blame Golden Tate for choosing significantly more money elsewhere – and had the Lions won today, I wouldn’t have viewed him as Public Enemy Number One. Tate’s the same person now as he was in Seattle – opinionated and sometimes immature – something 12’s embraced back then, yet turn their back on now. There shouldn’t be ill-will for a player who gave their all during his time as a Seahawk.

But this season at least, the Seahawks have the last word. Seattle is still in it – and have a chance at another title.

The others chose a different path – one that might include more money – but for now, won’t include a ring.