Seattle's 'normal' summer returns for July with weeks-long streak of pleasant temperatures

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For as much as the heat wave at the end of June was far beyond any comprehension for what weather could be like around Western Washington, July has been a textbook case of what summers should be like around here.

Ever since the heat wave ended on June 30, Seattle has been in a remarkable three-week stretch of weather. Consistent marine breezes have been providing our "natural air conditioning" that has kept high temperatures locked in a 13-degree range between 69 and 82 degrees. Even better, we've had comfortable humidity levels and overnight lows dipping into the mid 50s each night for prime sleeping weather. Ten of the 18 days in July so far have been in the 70s.

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And the long-range forecasts through the end of the month show no change in this temperate summer pattern with highs expected to remain in the 70s, perhaps nudging up to a low 80 on occasion as the marine breezes ebb and flow a little for minor fluctuations in high temperatures. 

The constant westerly winds off the ocean are also providing a constant source of clean marine air that is keeping wildfire smoke away. 

But while temperatures have been just about spot-on perfect by summer standards, the rainfall…has not. Monday will mark 35 consecutive days without measurable rain and with the area in drought that's only getting worse, rainfall would be surely appreciated.

Yet we're heading into the time of year where rainfall is quite rare. The last week of July and first week of August are statistically the driest of the year with rainfall on about 9-14 times on any given date over the past 125 years.

Getting dry streaks that stretch into the 20-30 day range is not unusual in this time of year, but it is unusual to already have such a large streak heading into this portion of the calendar.  With no rain in sight, the current streak is expected to easily reach into the 40s with perhaps the record of 55 days not out of reach.

I know for the region's rain fans that is a long time to wait but the consolation prize is at least temperatures will remain pleasant with great sleeping weather to dream about rainier days…


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