'Absolutely a hero:' Security employee at Covington pot shop shoots, kills would-be robber

An employee providing security at a Covington cannabis shop shot and killed a man after he was accused of taking another employee hostage while trying to rob the store.

Lindsey Evans, the general manager at Euphorium, said that her employee was on break outside the shop when he was approached by a man with a gun.

Security video from another business showed the man putting his arm around the employee and putting a gun in his side. The man forced the employee to walk with him to the entrance of the store, where another employee was checking ID’s and providing security.  

Evans says the employee at the front door was armed and he opened fire after he was threatened.  Witnesses said the man pointed a gun at his head.

"I’m happy that my staff can go home tonight and they went home last night to their families.  They are humans, just like everyone else," said Evans said. "My employee saved multiple lives yesterday,"

"He would have had 6 – 8 hostages, a couple customers, one who is disabled, so it would have been a really scary situation if he made it in the building," said Ryan Evans, the director of operations.

Covington Police say when deputies arrived, they tried to save the man who was shot. 

"Deputies attempted to do CPR and save his life, but his injuries were too much," said Adam Easterbrook, the Interim Chief of the Covington Police.  

Easterbrook said they are still investigating the shooting, but generally speaking, there is a right to self-defense. 

"People have the right to defend themselves if that is necessary. I don’t have the facts and details to speak to here, but I would say people do have that right," said Easterbrook.

Lindsey Evans said private security is almost a necessity as crime has increased.  

"It’s just sad we are at the point where you have to have guns to protect your store," she said. 

She says they’re planning to start a fundraiser for their employees. 

"Anybody that would put their life out there to protect someone else is absolutely a hero," she said.

"Anyone who takes a hostage outside probably has bad intentions for when they get inside, so we are really glad that he was with us," said Ryan Evans.

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