Correctional officer attacked by inmate at Clallam Bay

FORKS, Wash. (AP) — A correctional officer at Clallam Bay Corrections Center suffered a brain injury after being seriously attacked by an inmate.

Terry Breedlove was attacked Jan. 25, and suffered a brain injury and injuries to two vertebrae, the Peninsula Daily News reported last week.

Investigators say Breedlove was attacked by 28-year-old inmate Abdinjib Ibraham of King County. Brian King, chief criminal deputy for the Clallam County Sheriff's Office, said Ibrahim said "Allahu akbar," an Arabic phrase that means 'God is great,' twice, once when he hit the guard, and again after the attack.

Investigators say Ibraham had pried a round metal seat off a stool in a cell and repeatedly hit Breedlove over the head with it until other inmates stopped the attack.

The Department of Corrections, which had not sent out any public notification about the attack, did not respond to emails Thursday seeking comment.