Homeowners without power getting ready for freezing temperatures overnight

SNOHOMISH, Wash. -- It could be a tough Friday morning commute for many people, especially in the North Sound. Many roads there flooded earlier this week, so they are likely to freeze when temperatures drop overnight.  It’s just the latest problem for people who are still trying to recover from the storms earlier this week.

Tina Walker wasn't surprised when she stopped at a food truck Thursday and ran into several of her neighbors.

“We’re all in the same boat,” she said.

They've all been without power for more than two days, and they've realized it's easier to eat out than try to cook in the dark.

“We keep coming back and hoping to see trucks repairing things,” said Bill Anderst.

Snohomish County PUD crews are working around the clock, but they say this is one of the worst storms they've had in years. Trees knocked down power lines across the county, and they might not be able to restore power for everyone until this weekend.

Residents say they are trying to be patient.

“It’s a little hard at this point. We're already running out of our bottled water and the resources we had to bring in.”

They're glad the wind and rain has finally stopped, but they're not thrilled to hear that freezing temperatures are now on the way.

“Fortunately, we have wood,” said Anderst. “There’s no ban on that, so we're using that and that provides plenty of heat.”

The Washington Department of Transportation says their de-icing crews are on standby and will try to take care of the major problem spots like bridges and overpasses throughout the night.