How to protect your home from freezing temperatures

WHITE CENTER, Wash. -- Thee deep freeze for Puget Sound could last for several more days.

The colder-than-normal temperatures could mean trouble for both drivers and homeowners.

Experts with Take Winter By Storm have tips to help people winterize their homes and avoid expensive surprises.

Karen Rich said people can and should act now to stay safe and warm.

“Keep your thermostat at least at 55 degrees,” she said. “You don’t want to go any lower than that.”

She added that people should be careful with space heaters and keep them 3 feet away from curtains and other things that could catch fire.

Rich says the kitchen sink also needs protection from the cold.

“Turn it on and just let it drip just a tiny bit,” she said.

Opening the cabinet doors underneath the sink could also keep pipes from freezing. Pipes in attics or crawl spaces can also be at risk.

“The temps can drop very, very low in crawl spaces and attic spaces that aren’t adequately heated,” she said.

Insulating foam only costs a few dollars and can help keep pipes from freezing over in a cold snap, said Rich.

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