Is it worth it to move all of your belongings?

Moving is stressful enough, especially if you try and pack everything you own. PEMCO senior product manager Dawn Lee says that's why it's important to think about important documents and valuables first. "Once you identify those items, everything else is negotiable," says Lee.

She says there are two main categories of items that you should never move. The first includes items that are heavy and low in value. "It almost never makes sense to pack canned goods, or books that you may not read again. It also doesn't make sense to pack small appliances that don't get used very often," says Lee.

The second category covers items  that are bulky. That includes blankets, stuffed animals and clothing you don't use anymore. Before you pack up, make sure you know what your options are for replacing items that break. Your homeowners insurance may cover some items. Moving companies also have their own insurance options. But you need to know what their limitations. For example, a mover may not cover items that you pack yourself.

So is moving all of your belongings worth it? Lee says no. The more selective you can be, the more money you can save. She also says moving with less will just give you a fresh start.